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Photographic Training

MTAssociates run a full range of photographic courses to suit any ability from a complete novice through to an enthusiastic amateur who just wants to hone their skills.

Compact Cameras

Digital cameras can be difficult to get to grips with! I will help you get the most from your camera regardless of your level of ability.

Bridge Camera and Digital SLR Beginner

Suitable for those who have entered the world of using the bridge or digital SLR and have yet to start taking control of the camera by utilising its many functions to really reap the benefits of owning a fantastic piece of kit.

I will give you all the basic skills to move away from using the 'AUTO' mode, this will help you to take better pictures and give them a more professional edge.

Digital SLR Intermediate

If you want to enhance your technical ability and enjoy the more creative side of photography Ideal if you have attended my Beginner course or have some prior experience.

Special Courses

These are the courses to get you out and about and taking photographs, now you have learnt how to control your camera! I will show you how to photograph

Landscapes – Architectural Exteriors – Portraits – Pets – Special Occasions

The courses can be one to one or to small or large groups.


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